Client Services

What PSI does for it's clients

PSI's clients have discovered the difference between hiring a "candidate" versus hiring the "right person" for a job. They have found that the right person will save time and money and help their company grow. This growth brings our clients back to PSI time and again for new projects and staffing requirements.

Direct Placement Services

Think about the last time you hired an employee. You probably advertised in the newspaper or on the web and generated a stack of resumes for review. After spending the time sorting through them did you find the best candidate for the job? Is there any guarantee that you're not simply hiring the best of the unemployed, the best of the people dissatisfied with their current job, or simply the best of the people who read the newspaper? Once that person leaves the job, imagine going through that process again.

PSI has a database of candidates who may not be actively looking but have asked for our help in finding them an opportunity. When our clients provide PSI the task of finding the best employee for their position, we are able to find the best possible candidate, rather than the best available candidate.

We actively educate potential candidates about you and your company and verfiy their interest prior to submitting their credentials to you. When a successful outcome is reached, our direct placement fee is based on the starting annual salary of the placed candidate.

Contract Placement Services

When peak activity periods or changes in operations require more manpower than your existing staff can provide, PSI can help. PSI recruits, screens and validates candidates for "supplemental staff" or "contract" situations. Once accepted by your organization, the candidate becomes an employee of PSI but works at your site under your guidance.

Contract rates are dependent on market conditionns and availability of qualified resources.

Contract-to-Perm Services

PSI's unique approach to contract-to-perm allows you to bring a potential employee to your team as a contracted resource. Once the pre-determined contract period is over, you are free to hire the candidate directly to your staff without an additional fee.

We have found that contract-to-perm is a great option for companies that currently have a hiring "freeze" but still require work to be completed, or for those companies that lack the cash flow to pay a direct placement fee up-front.