Employer Information


PSI’s goal with each client company is to build a long term relationship based on providing outstanding and professional service.   When you have a need for professional staff, PSI will meet with you in person to determine not only the specifics of your requirements, but the culture of your company and the personalities of the managers involved in the hiring process so that we can provide the right “fit” in a candidate.  

PSI provides candidates in the fields of Information Technology, Accounting/Finance, and other General services such as Sales, Human Resources, General Management, etc.  If you have a need, just ask us, and if we cannot help with your specific requirement, we will do our best to lead you in the right direction.

We provide direct placement, contract and contract-to-hire services, and will always work with you to overcome difficulties or provide payment plans to suit your needs.
Every candidate that we submit to you has been interviewed thoroughly to determine their exact skills, attitudes, professional presence, and their long term and short term goals.  All local candidates will have been interviewed in person; and all candidates will have been submitted to reference checks - and background or credit history checks if requested by our clients.   We will submit a candidate to you only after discussing your specific company and opportunity with that candidate to determine his/her interest.  We will never waste your time by passing along resumes of candidates who have not been interviewed, pre-screened and qualified for your particular position.
Our Recruiters work through the hiring process as your Partner.  We follow up with our candidates throughout every step of the hiring process to determine any hesitation or questions on their part about your company or position.  And we continually consult with them about how your company can meet their personal goals, the difficulties involved in counter-offers from their current company, and the decision making process in general. 

Just give us a try the next time you are having difficulty in filling a position – we think you will be impressed!