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A large financial institution reached out to us and several other agencies to locate 3 mainframe developers with banking backgrounds. Within 2 months, we had filled all three positions and the candidates had begun work. Later they came back to us looking for a "hard to find" Java Developer with several years experience. Within a week, we had submitted one candidate whom they interviewed and hired immediately.

We have been able to locate several multi-lingual candidates with unique skills - a Contract Progress Developer who speaks French, and a Contract Technical Support Representative who speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently.

We came to the party late with one small manufacturing firm who was looking for a Systems Administrator. Personality was the key in filling this position, and the company had been through weeks of interviewing candidates through a couple of other agencies. We were able to send over two candidates immediately, both of whom were better personality fits than they had previously interviewed. And they were able to hire a candidate within the second week of working with PSI.

We were asked by a small local company to locate an IT Manager with background in a unique industry-related software package. We were able to locate a great candidate out of New York City who was thrilled to relocate to a smaller, family-friendly city. His cost of living was cut almost in half, and he now feels much more secure about his ability to send his children to college one day.