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Dress For Success


It is often said that an interviewer makes up his mind within the first five minutes of the interview and then spends the remaining time on justifying that initial impression. Learn how to make the most of those first five minutes!


Appropriate attire for an interview:



  • A conservative suit in dark blue or dark gray with a long-sleeved white shirt. The tie should be conservative and in-style.
  • Dark socks with dark freshly shined shoes are recommended.
  • Jewelry should be limited to a wristwatch and ring.
  • Fingernails should be clean and well manicured.
  • Faces should be clean-shaven. Beards and mustaches should be neatly trimmed.
  • If you are going from a casual work environment directly to an interview, you can always put a suitcoat and tie in your car!
  • Skip the colognes and body-sprays since many people are allergic and may find the smell offensive.



    • Women today have a few more options when it comes to career dressing, but similar principles apply. Dressing conservatively is still the rule of thumb for interviews.
    • A business suit in a subdued color is best for interviews. Dress in today’s styles, but keep the hemline close to the knee length and keep blouses modest.
    • Shoe heel height should be moderate and comfortable – shoes should be freshly polished. If heel tips are worn get them replaced – so you don’t click as you walk.
    • Jewelry should be minimal and in good taste.
    • Nails should be well manicured and polished in clear, light or French manicure. If long nails are a part of a personal fashion statement, avoid bright colors and glittered accents for interviewing.
    • Make-up should be professional in taste and lightly applied.
    • If wearing a skirt, keep the hemline close to the knee.
    • Keep blouses professional and modest.
    • Skip the perfumes and body-sprays since many people are allergic and may find the smell offensive.