Candidate Resources


How We Work With Candidates


The process we use to select, submit and employ candidates follows a general set of procedures:

    • When your resume is received, we review it for a fit with current or anticipated positions. If there is a position that is appropriate for you, we conduct a screening interview, usually by phone, to assess your interests; skill sets, current status, and fit for the potential job.
    • During the screening interview, we will ask you for at least three references.
    • References will be verified before moving forward in the submittal or hiring process.
    • It is your responsibility to inform us within 72 hours if you should take another position (permanent or contract).
    • It is not appropriate for your resume to be submitted by another staffing agency to the same manager for the same position. If you are aware that this may happen, please let us know   immediately so that we can avoid an embarrassing situation.  By attempting to gain a position through two or more agencies, you risk being withdrawn by both agencies or the Client Company to which you are being submitted. This creates confusion for the hiring manager and typically works against you being selected for the position.
    • Once submitted, the hiring manager will usually choose 2-4 candidates for telephone or in-person interviews. This could happen immediately after submission of the resume or it may be weeks     before the customer conducts interviews.
    • Please let us know as soon as possible, if you are called directly by the hiring manager for an interview. We can help you prepare for the interview by providing additional information on the job,   the organization, the hiring manager, the technology, etc.
    • Once selected for the position, PSI will make an offer of employment and set up a meeting to complete the employment process. At this time, terms of employment will be discussed and you will be asked to sign the appropriate documents.